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MGA Talent, formerly Mary Grady Agency, represents actors and actresses for Television, Major Motion Pictures, and Commercials. In addition, our newly formed Production Division specializes in producing projects as well as working with Writers, Directors and Producers.

MGA Talent accepts submissions both electronically and by traditional mail, as outlined below. Please help us efficiently review your submission and to learn more about you, by carefully following these Submission Guidelines.

Age Specifications

Representation is limited to children ages 4 through 12, teens ages 13 through 17, young adults ages 18 through very early 30’s and Star Name Actors of all ages. Identical Twins, Triplets, and Quadruplets will be seriously considered at ages younger than 4 years of age.

Union Affiliation Prerequisites

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) status is neither required nor of concern for submissions by kids and teens, through age 17.

SAG membership or legal “SAG eligibility” is required for all submissions by adults, ages 18 and over. For more information on what is required to become a SAG member please call the SAG offices directly at 323-954-1600 or visit their website at

Submission Requirements

Your submission should consist of a brief cover letter, headshot, resume, and demo reel if available. The cover letter should inform us if you are currently represented by another agent or manager (although disclosure of the specific identity is not necessary), the type of representation you are seeking (i.e. theatrical – which includes Television and Feature Films, Commercial, or both), and a short statement on why we should represent you or your child.

Parents submitting their children do not need to send professional quality photographs with your initial submission package. A simple and clear picture of your child, appropriate for this professional industry, is all that is required.

For all other talent interested in submitting photographs, we prefer professional headshots with updated resumes.

Submissions are accepted by standard mail. If you are compelled to expedite delivery, which does not result in a significantly faster response, it is best to use UPS overnight or 2-day service.

Walk-in and Fax submissions will not be considered.

Please go to the contact page for the MGA Mailing Address (note: MGA’s address has recently changed)

Email Submissions

MGA welcomes submissions via email. Please send a message to all of our representatives listed on the contact page, which should include a brief cover letter, resume, and no more than four photographs.

Out of State and International Submissions

MGA Talent enjoys receiving out of state and international submissions from serious minded talent who understand the commitment required of the Hollywood entertainment business.

After You Submit

All submissions are seriously considered. If the representatives are interested they will contact you to discuss representation and the scheduling of an appointment in the office.

MGA Talent does not accept follow-up telephone calls, emails or faxes on your submission package, unless requested, and your package will not be returned.

Please allow several weeks for a response. Thank you.

Copyright © 2016 MGA Mary Grady Talent.
All rights reserved. Est. 1959

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